Strategic consulting for sector clients

Assessment of models for ensuring the management and operation of infrastructure
– Assessment of the strategic intent to ensure the management and operation of the infrastructure from the point of view of organizational and technical-economic advantage/feasibility, including consideration of tax, legal and regulatory aspects, especially from the point of view of the infrastructure owner as a sector contracting authority and client.
– Support in defining the optimal options for infrastructure management and operation based on an analysis of the current situation and including all relevant aspects of the sector.
– Assessment of legal, organizational, operational-technical, and time feasibility of operating variants and evaluation of the optimal variant according to approved methodologies.
– Taking into account possible subsidy programs and related subsidy conditions in the assessment of the strategic plan to ensure the management and operation of the infrastructure.

Operating model settings
– Setting up a suitable operating model, including setting up related contractual relationships.
– Setting performance indicators and reporting for optimal monitoring of the company’s performance.

Support in financing infrastructure
– Setting the investment strategy of the owner in relation to the planning of financing the development and renewal of infrastructure and the possibilities of financing by the owner.

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