Data standard management, implementation of the CDE process and preparation of project libraries, preparation of DS for tenders, communication with suppliers, and validation of supplier outputs.

The primary objective behind the acronym BIM is the uniform creation and management of data structures (data standards) about buildings for designers and construction that are consistent, up-to-date, complete, and as standardized as possible. It is not primarily about creating 3D design models or creating digital twins, this should only be a focus for the company in the second step after the company has a data standard and processes in place for creating and managing construction design and project documentation (Common Data Environment, CDE).

Our services include:
– Creation, maintenance, and sharing of data standards for individual projects
– CDE concept development, process and project library setup, implementation and operation of software tools for CDE
– administration of data standards and libraries and their sharing for the needs of investment project contractors
– updating individual elements of the data standards and their specific elements with non-graphical information
– creation and management of project library templates
– validation of the created element libraries according to the prescribed project data standard
– validation of the model with the prescribed data standard
– preparation of data standard export for public procurement purposes

In case of your interest, we can also provide implementation and operation of application support for data standard management and all the above services. We offer a modern and consolidated BIMmanager tool that can run both on the cloud or your dedicated infrastructure.

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