Risk management will ensure the long-term sustainable development of the company and the setting of economically justified measures to ensure adequate resilience of the company against accidents, errors, and targeted attacks.

Development of a uniform risk management methodology, its implementation, and preparation of initial risk analysis:
– Development of a risk management methodology in accordance with the ISO 31000 standard (Risk Management – Guidelines) applicable from 2019.
– Development of an internal company directive based on the common risk management methodology, including a description of the risk management documentation base, the design of risk management tools (risk catalog, risk evaluation tool, documentation management tool, etc.), description of risk management processes, regular and ad-hoc activities.
Proposal for the structure of the risk catalog (operational and technical, object, cyber, economic, HSE, legislative, project, force majeure, reputational, etc.).
Design of risk owner structure by risk group.
Discussions with individual risk sponsors, familiarizing them with risk assessment and risk management issues, and supporting them in the preparation of the initial assessment, based on which the initial filling of the risk catalog including risk assessment will take place.

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