Implementation of managerial reporting in the MS Power BI environment

Microsoft Power BI is a unified and scalable reporting platform that allows you to easily analyze and visualize data.

The environment includes a set of tools that allow users to independently analyze data, create reports and statistics. Management reporting implemented in the Power BI environment provides all line elements of the organization with the necessary information about plans and their implementation, is very user-friendly and enables data visualization according to the individual needs and wishes of users. All data can be consolidated and combined into a single information database, allowing you to work with the same information across the organization while maintaining accuracy, consistency, and security.

The reports are automatically updated and are available from anywhere – from computers, tablets and mobile devices, always with the possibility of individual user settings and their rights.

Data import can be performed not only from database sources and external files (MS Excel, .csv, .txt…), but also from cloud services such as Google Analytics, MS Azure, SalesForce, etc.

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